Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes is a VST plugin that simulates a set of wind chimes that you might find in a typical garden, and generates MIDI notes representing chime strikes. See the readme file included in the zip file for details. VTS is available as 32 or 64 bit.

The plugin simulates wind conditions that interact with a wind chime model. It sends midi notes representing wind chime strikes. It also sends (optionally) control change messages representing the instantaneous system energy.

WindChimes screenshot

Download zip file for Wind Chimes HERE

13 thoughts on “Wind Chimes

  1. I installed your both the 32 and 64 bit vst and tried it out using both sonar X2 and fruity loops 10 producer. In both instances, nothing much seemed to be going on. I know that there is supposed to be no midi or audio input, but later I put ramdom midi notes in the fruity loops playlist. Some of the “leds” would flicker and the meter move a little, but still no output. I have a dell Inspiron 64 bit running windows 8.

    • If you are seeing the blinking LEDs then the plugin is installed and running. Are you seeing MIDI out from the plugin? Each LED blink indicates MIDI output being sent from the plugin. The plugin does not create any sound on its own, it only outputs MIDI. Do you have the MIDI output routed to a synth? or maybe a MIDI monitor that can show the MIDI messages?

    • Hmm .. well, I am not familiar with FL Studio so I cannot give much help there. Maybe ask on the FL forums or at KVR? Wind Chimes outputs MIDI so you have to set up FL so that the MIDI goes from Wind Chimes to a synth/sample so the synth/sampler makes the actual sound. I downloaded the demo and tried so set that up was it not clear to me how to do that. If you can tell me how to set up the MIDI routing I can investigate further on my end.

  2. Really like WindChime and all its versatility. A seashore synth palch produces a very realistic result. i have ver 0.5d which has an added Clapper control (not in the zip docs) that I’d like to better understand its function.

    • Hi Richard,

      The clapper represents the wind-catcher and the striker in the center of the chimes model. The wind-catcher reacts to changes in the wind and causes the striker to strike the virtual chimes. A light clapper tends to react quickly to changes in the wind, a heavier clapper takes more wind energy to get it moving. A light clapper loses its energy more quickly than a heavier clapper. So the lighter clapper tends to make more frequent but shorter lasting bursts of strikes, where the heavier clapper takes longer to get moving but produces more strikes once it gets into motion.

      Hope that helps. Glad you are enjoying it ..

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  4. the same problem. No sound from it. Other VST works well on the same track. PI installed properly is bliniking but no sound. tried on all notes and nothing. Maybe not compatible with new cubase

    • Do you have a synth/sampler hooked up downstream? The plugin does not actually produce any sound on its own .. It generates MIDI that you can route to a synth or sampler to make the actual sounds.

  5. Great idea! I really want this, however my main daw is on a Mac based system, any chance of a version working on Mac? I would gladly pay good money pay for a midi product like this 🙂
    If not, can I save the midi data on my pc laptop and import the resulting midi file on my main Mac daw? Thanks, love the plug in!

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