Regen is at its heart a looper plugin (a la Frippertronics) that is well suited for ambient/textural/soundscape type layering. It can be a simple looper but also offers deeper dive controls to modify playback of recorded material.

It features four independent loopers (“tracks”) that are built up from individually recorded audio segments (“layers”). Recorded material in the layers and tracks can be manipulated (playback rate, direction, blend, pan, level, start offset) post-recording for creative playback. Regen accepts stereo input and supports up to 4 stereo outputs. Regen allows Undo and Redo of recorded material and supports control via MIDI.

Tracks View

Layers View

Download latest version here:

5 thoughts on “Regen

  1. This is a very nice plugin and I hope you continue to improve it. I’ve tried tackling the layered looper concept before and I like the way you’ve done it here.

    I have a couple of questions. First, is there a way to delete a layer? Sorry if I’ve missed it but I can’t see it anywhere. Also, is there any chance you could add a simple volume envelope for layers? Even just fade in/out controls would be good, to get rid of annoying clicks.

    Thanks again,

    – IX

    • There is not currently a way to ‘delete’ a layer. The best you can do for now is to effectively silence it by setting its playback level to 0.

      I so wanted to add a volume envelope (and more layer edit features, like deletion, and others) but just ran out of time before they could be done. These are one the to-do list for future releases.

  2. HI, I am trying to use the plugin, is amazing, but I cannot get sync in Usine Hollyhock, Any tip quantizing rec and loop duration??

    • Hmmm .. It should sync to host when the Sync to Host button is engaged. I am not very familiar with Usine Hollyhock. Have you tried asking on the Usine forum? Maybe someone there could offer some insight.

      There is no automatic quantization for loop length. Part lengths are free-form (free-time?). I could see where having precise quantized loop times would be useful but for now they depend on activating the start and end recording buttons to set the lengths.

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