Regen is at its heart a looper plugin (a la Frippertronics) that is well suited for ambient/textural/soundscape type layering. It can be a simple looper but also offers deeper dive controls to modify playback of recorded material.

It features four independent loopers (“tracks”) that are built up from individually recorded audio segments (“layers”). Recorded material in the layers and tracks can be manipulated (playback rate, direction, blend, pan, level, start offset) post-recording for creative playback. Regen accepts stereo input and supports up to 4 stereo outputs. Regen allows Undo and Redo of recorded material and supports control via MIDI.

Tracks View

Layers View

Download latest version here:

14 thoughts on “Regen

  1. This is a very nice plugin and I hope you continue to improve it. I’ve tried tackling the layered looper concept before and I like the way you’ve done it here.

    I have a couple of questions. First, is there a way to delete a layer? Sorry if I’ve missed it but I can’t see it anywhere. Also, is there any chance you could add a simple volume envelope for layers? Even just fade in/out controls would be good, to get rid of annoying clicks.

    Thanks again,

    – IX

    • There is not currently a way to ‘delete’ a layer. The best you can do for now is to effectively silence it by setting its playback level to 0.

      I so wanted to add a volume envelope (and more layer edit features, like deletion, and others) but just ran out of time before they could be done. These are one the to-do list for future releases.

  2. HI, I am trying to use the plugin, is amazing, but I cannot get sync in Usine Hollyhock, Any tip quantizing rec and loop duration??

    • Hmmm .. It should sync to host when the Sync to Host button is engaged. I am not very familiar with Usine Hollyhock. Have you tried asking on the Usine forum? Maybe someone there could offer some insight.

      There is no automatic quantization for loop length. Part lengths are free-form (free-time?). I could see where having precise quantized loop times would be useful but for now they depend on activating the start and end recording buttons to set the lengths.

  3. I’m just starting to use this. But it flips out after a random amount of time whilst playing (maybe between 20 and 120 seconds) with a C on the box under the focus display and a harsh buzzing noise. If i hit play again it carries on. I’m using Bitwig grateful for any advice because otherwise it seems just the tool i need.

    • Hi Graham, sorry it is not working for you. I do not have Bitwig so I can’t really debug why it might be making harsh noises and such. Have you tried other loopers ? GLoop by GVST, Mobius, I think there are several out there at various levels of simplicity/flexibility. Hope that helps ..

  4. Bill,

    Just wondering if you’ve gotten around to doing any work on Regen yet..or if you will be in the near future?

    I’ve been following your posts over on the Ambient Online forum and I know you’ve been putting a lot of time into supporting and developing tcStretch over the last year or so, but I keep coming back to Regen again and again, as it’s something I would really like to use and see you focus on more. It’s kinda funny, but there seems to be far too few loopers like this out there..and those that all seem to be under ongoing development.

    Anyway, just thought I’d post here and try to nudge you into taking another look at Regen and, hopefully, taking it a few more steps down the developmental road. ;- )

    Kind regards

    Dan (Ambient Mechanics)

    • Hi Dan, thanks for the kind words and the friendly nudge. I had grand plans for Regen at its beginning but got bogged down in other things and did not have the time to flesh out all of my original concept for it. That said, motivation has been scarce lately so it is not very likely that I ever will get back in there for any significant upgrades, but who knows, maybe someday.

  5. Hi I just got into using regen and it looks like a quite sweet machine. Just havent figured out one thing – if I click on Record, it starts recording and after I click it again, it stops and goes immediatelly into playback mode, that’s all cool and a way how I would love to use it while live playing, so that music continues to play and stays in rhytm. Anyway, I haven’t found a way to trigger this from my keyboard. I can assign a midi signal to the #15 Record to start recording, but I can’t find the right action to be triggered to stop recording and go into playback mode, just as if I clicked record again. Can anybody help?

    • You can set up a Midi note or CC to trigger the Record behavior by editing the RegenMidiMap.ini file. There is an example in the Example Assignments section showing how to assign a key (note 12, channel 1) to the ‘Record’ parameter. Leaving the ‘:1’ off after the key number will map that key on any/every channel to the parameter.

      Once the midi map is set up you should be able to send that key to toggle the record state.

      Hope that helps. Have fun!

  6. Looks great so far. Could be just what I am looking for. But can I use MIDI Program Change messages to trigger functions? I am using a Softstep 2 controller and hosting Regen in Reaper. I have multiple actions built around PC messages so it would be essential that a plugin of this nature accept this type of message. Thanks for any help!

    • Regen will not respond to Program Change messages but will respond to Control Change messages according to the mappings in the RegenMidiMap.ini file. If you can convert your PC messages to CC messages (maybe using a 3rd party Midi Mapper plugin?) then you can update RegenMidiMap.ini and you will be good to go. Have fun. 🙂

    • if you select param in the effects menu in reaper then effects parameter list then learn you can select the parameter to control via program changes by clicking on the empty box then selecting the button you would like to use on your midi device

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