Harmony Rotator

Here is the Harmony Rotator VTSi plugin. It generates up to 4 midi output notes for each input note. The zip file is available here: Harmony Rotator Beta v0.1

Harmony Rotator

27 thoughts on “Harmony Rotator

  1. I can’t get it work with my Sonar.
    It is not identified as a MIDI effect, to plug it directly into a Midi track.
    However it is identified as a VST synth. I send the Midi signal to this “synth”, but further the processed signal is interpreted as an audio and can be sent only to audio outputs. Naturally, no sound is generated, as you plugin outputs Midi, not audio. Is there a way around in Sonar?
    Actually, I would prefer to have not a sound, but another Midi track with the harmony parts generated by the Rotator, which I can edit and send to any synth afterwards. Is it possible?

    • Thanks. No updates planned in the immediate future. I have a few other projects on the workbench that would need to get done before revisiting this one. Cheers πŸ™‚

      • Is is set up to receive midi and send midi to a synth/sampler? HarmonyRotator takes midi in and sends midi out – it does not produce any sound on its own.

        Also make sure at least one voice is not muted.

      • I don’t have the buttons on top “ON” and “Option” !
        I know that it doesn’t produce any sound on it’s own πŸ™‚
        I have another synth loaded what channel should that be set on?
        Where do I set up receive and send channels ?
        If you showed a few images on typical set-up could help a lot of people !
        I’d love to get it working !
        Cheers πŸ™‚

      • I have loaded one VSTi Synth and the Harmony Rotator in Cubase.

        The Harmony Rotator reacts to MIDI inputs ( Red LED Blinks ) but there are still no sound !

        I wonder what lanes should be activated selected ( The VSTi Synth, Harmony Rotator or both )

        FYI I am running the 32bit version !

      • Well since Harmony Rotator reacts to input I must be doing something right !
        The problem is how do I get it to play another VSTi Instrument who is set to channel 2 ?

      • Dear Mr Tonecarver

        I would like to know how you setup the HarmonyRotator in your host ?

        The HarmonyRotator indicates that it receives MIDI but I have tried all MIDI channels both on the HarmonyRotator and on the VSTi Synths I have loaded in Cubase !
        Still no sound 😦

    • Tobbe, have you tried asking at the Cubase forums? Someone there should be able to help with the midi routing. What channel(s) is HarmonyRotator sending on? What channels are the synths receiving on? Can you confirm that HarmonyRotator is actually outputing midi? (I usually run a midi-monitor type plugin to verify that if the host/DAW does not have a built in indicator). Another thing to do is try your setup with the transport running and with the transport stopped and see if there is any difference.

      • Hi Mr Tonecarver !

        There is absolutely zero information about the HarmonyRotator on Cubase forums.

        I have two tracks in Cubase.

        On track 1 I have the HarmonyRotator set on Cubase (receive) channel 1.
        On track 2 I have the other synth set on Cubase (receive) channel 2.

        I have set up the HarmonyRotator like this:

        “Main Voice” channel 2
        “Parallel Voice” channel 2 , Velocity 0
        “Rotator Voice 1” channel 2 Velocity -1
        “Rotator Voice 2” channel 2 Velocity -2

        When I play my keyboard, HarmonyRotator indicates that it receives MIDI with the blinking LED on the HarmonyRotator interface.

        No Voice are (red) muted.

        If I use the Cubase MIDI Monitor instead of the synth on Cubase (receive) channel 2., it does NOT show any activity at all.

        Would this mean that the HarmonyRotator does not put out any MIDI at all?

        I have tried with or without the transport running as well with record enabled and disabled track.

        As mentioned before I do not have the buttons on top that says “ON” and “OPTION” but I guess that could be for debugging only !

      • Hmm .. what happens if you put the midi monitor on the same track as HarmonyRotator, i.e., before the send? Does it show midi output from HR? Is the send from Track 1 to Track 2 enabled to send Midi (in Reaper the Midi and Audio can be enabled/disabled independently per send).

      • In Cubase you can have only one Vst instrument per track.

        HarmonyRotator is loaded as an Instrument just like any other VST synth.

        The MIDI monitor just monitor incoming MIDI on it’s particular track, not any outgoing MIDI !

        On the track where I have the synth I can have the HarmonyRotator as input (instead of a MIDI keyboard ) but it still doesn’t generate any MIDI notes.

        So I have tried to have HarmonyRotator on track 1, channel 1 played by my MIDI keyboard as input.

        On track 2, channel 2 I have my Synth and as input I have the HarmonyRotator.

        Nothing happen when I play my MIDI keyboard !

        To me it seems like the HarmonyRotator isn’t generating any MIDI notes at all when it receives incoming ( RED LED flashing ) MIDI from my MIDI keyboard.

        As mentioned before I do not have the buttons on top that says β€œON” and β€œOPTION” but I guess that could be for debugging only !

      • The “ON” and “OPTION” buttons are not part of the plugin, they are displayed above the plugin GUI by the DAW that I was running when that screen capture was taken. Each DAW has a slightly different way of displaying options and controls above each plugins window.

        I see some talk on the Cubase forum about the difference between MIDI sends and Audio sends and how MIDI sends are invisible by default. Are you using a MIDI send from HR to the Synth?

        And, the transport needs to be running for HR to produce output.

        Hope that helps.

      • Hello Mr Tonecarver !

        I’ve made Great progress with the HR !

        I have actually got HR to generate MIDI and I believe I am using the same (or similar) setup as your previous post here.

        It’s extremely complicated to set up though πŸ˜‰

        The MIDI channels in the HR interface does not seem to work ?

        I suppose that the different MIDI channels in HR is there to control multiple synths ?

        It would be super cool if I could send “Rotator Voice 1” to Synth 1 and “Rotator Voice 2” to Synth 2. etc etc πŸ™‚

        As for now I can hook HR up to several synths but they all play the same MIDI from HR regardless what MIDI channel of “Main Voice” “Parallel Voice” “Rotator Voice 1” “Rotator Voice 2” is set to.

        I also have to have Cubase running to make HR generate the MIDI notes which is a bit of a annoying.

        I tried to move the HR dll to the same folder as the Cubase MIDI plugins but it will not show up among the other MIDI plugins. That would have been great though.

        Since you seem to have stopped developing this great plugin do you think it is possible to make a similar plugin with the program called Synthedit ? http://www.synthedit.com/

        Regards / Tobbe

  2. I am LOVING the Delay8 plugin, as it is the only plugin I have thus far located that will correctly approximate the processing flow of a Yamaha DG Stomp (a discontinued product that had a whole bunch of factory-provided patches created by guitarist Allan Holdsworth). I dug up documentation on the DG Stomp FOR those Holdsworth presets, and am currently in the process of creating those presets in the Tonecarver Delay8, which will for the first time for me give me instant access to some of those absolutely beautiful multi-layered delays, choruses, and lead tones used by Allan Holdsworth. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH πŸ™‚

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