GrainMaker is a 32-bit VST plugin for granular processing. Lots of modulation options. See the readme file included in the zip file for details.

GrainMaker screenshot

Download zip file for GrainMaker v0.3 HERE

4 thoughts on “GrainMaker

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  2. It’s my fav graim maker bu sometimes it stuck in som errors and reapeating sounds like crazy i dont like this. I think it need some bug repair.

    • Yes, sorry, it does get stuck sometimes, especially when using the buffer capture feature. It needs an update .. not sure when I will get around to it though. 😦 Maybe someday. Thanks for posting.

  3. dear tonecarver
    your plugins are really fantastic !!!
    i use boids massively and would love to try the grainmaker too.
    but so far there is no sound comming out or through. i am using audiomulch and win7 32bit…also 64bit on another machine. both dont work. :(….any idea why there is no sound comming?

    thanks a lot and keep up the great work,

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