Delay8 has eight individual modulated delay lines which may be combined in serial or parallel chains. Individual modulation, EQ, panning for each delay line. Global scaling knobs to adjust the overall character of the effect. Stereo in, stereo out. Good for choruses, diffusion, modulated delays. Windows VST 2.4, x32 and x64.

Delay8 screenshot

This plugin is inspired by equipment like the Yamaha UD-Stomp and the Rocktron Intellifex in the way that guitarists, like Holdsworth, set up multiple modulated delay lines for fat choruses.

This is still a work in progress. I’d like to add additional features (longer delay times, synced LFOs, better GUI, better documentation, etc) to improve the usability.

You can download the latest version here:

Have fun. 🙂

58 thoughts on “Delay8

  1. wow. i just found my one and only delay, finally. thanks tremendeously!
    however, if i may dare to place just _one_ feature request here:
    could you maybe consider to add at the inputs of the individual delays,
    where one can set up no, left, or right input, another input mode, that
    feeds l+r (summed to mono) into one delay? for pingpong delays which
    are fed f.e. with a panning modulated original source, that´s the only
    option to not loose the delay once the input before the plugin pans to
    one side.most of the plugin delays completely miss this option. and those
    who can do it, aren´t near as flexible. my good old hardware delays do it,
    but i don´t really use my external effect units anymore, nowadays…
    just ignore my feature request, if you wouldn´t want to bother, thanks
    anyway for an otherwise superb plugin!

    if you have any questions on my maybe poor explanation (none native
    english here), just send me an email or reply here, i´ll be glad to explain

      • hi tonecarver,
        great, that´s really nice to hear. it´s all that´s left what would make sense, imo.
        can you roughly tell, when that will be implemented?
        another question:
        is delay 8 made with synthedit? or will there be or could be potentially a mac
        version due to the fact it is coded in c?
        thanks again!

      • I hesitate to give an estimate of when it would actually be done .. I work on these as a hobby in my spare time and I tend to go with the muse and mood of the moment rather than following a schedule. Best I can say is that the feature is on the list and that it will be included in the next update, whenever that happens to be.

        This is done in C++ (not synthedit) but a Mac port is very unlikely. I do not have access to a Mac and the code would need a fair bit of update to be mac-ready so there will probably never be Mac versions of my plugins. I’m just not set up for it …


      • hi tonecarver,
        thanks for the fast answer… well, fair enough, you just do as you want, of course,
        i´ll be patiently waiting… thanks again!

  2. Ok, inspiration occurred 🙂 New version is available with:
    – additional input types (L+R average, mid, side)
    – better selection controls for main input (clickable button) and tap inputs (right or left click brings up menu)
    Have fun…

    • certainly no need to apologize. i was just worrying that i might have done something wrong. works, all good now. great! thanks again so much! this is now my main delay. period.

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  4. I wanted to duplicate the Allan Holdsworth presets from my UD Stomp and found out that if I clicked the pots with my mouse there was an input box to put in the correct value.

    Excellent !

    For some reason this doesn’t work on my brothers Cubase 5 which have the exact same hardware/softwareas I have.

    He can click the pots and see the input box but cant put in any value.

    • Anyway ! -I hope you’re working on this plugin cause I use it every day !
      It’s REALLY sounding good !

      Would be great if you could type in the settings into text boxes !

      Give it a new interface style à la Regen + keep the original UD interface layout and knob values and I will gladly pay for it !

      Are there any updates in the pipeline ?

      • Thanks! I have some updates in mind but have not been in the coding mood lately so it could be a while before they are done. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. I am actually a keyboard player, who dabbles on guitar, and just wanted to thank you SOOO much for creating and distributing this plugin for free. I had just gone the long way around, having located a bunch of the original UD Stomp settings for the Holdwsorth-like sounds, and had been planning to build something like this for myself. You have saved me an incredible number of hours, and have my utmost gratitude. 🙂

      • Howdy – LOVE this plugin.  Thank you SOOO much for finding a way to provide folks a truly powerful delay, that also happens to allow the presets from the original Yamaha StompBox Allan Holdsworth to be recreated here in Delay8. I was fortunate to find the entire set of those Holdsworth presets from the StompBox, and an currently in the process of creating those as Delay8 Presets.  If you would like, I would be HAPPY to send along a couple of sound files that use the Delay8 implementations of those Holdsworth presets. A VERY VERY happy Robert Bone, at

      • Thanks, glad you are enjoying it. I had a UD-Stomp and a Magicstomp for a while and found the 8-line delays quite mesmerizing. If I ever get around to organizing some demos for my plugins I may take you up on the offer for some sound files. Thanks.

  6. What a lovely delay! Very analogue sounding with flexible!!!
    Tonecarver, you did great job!
    Thank you so much and this stuff is just right 😉
    I want some feature for next update.

    Please add phase invert button for each L,R channels on one tap
    and default value of LPF is too low.
    now it’s also good for musical using but sometimes producers needs bright delay as you know.

    and finaly, if you can; please add 2 taps. (or not? it’s good too)

    Than I could make everything with your delay and
    it will be absoultely most powerful delay in this planet.

    • Thanks for the feature requests. I have not been coding lately but will consider them if I get back in for any updates. Have fun 🙂
      (FYI: there is a phase invert button for each tap to the left of the pan control)

  7. Hi Bill, I just want to send you my sincere thanks as well and hope that you will continue with updates for Delay 8. I think a lot more people would use your program if they could find it. It’s actually hard to find via a search for ‘Delay 8’ ‘8 line stereo delay’ etc. It’s amazing you’ve made this program available for free and it deserves a lot more awareness. I would also be happy to pay for an enhanced version if it helped make it more of a priority for you. I think having m/s encoding built into the program would be a nice feature although it is possible to feed Delay 8’s stereo outputs into a VST mid side encoder in a DAW. I have built a mid/side speaker array for stereo effects processing. Two advantages over stereo cabinets are that both speakers can be stacked on top of one another and don’t have to be separated taking up less space. Also the stereo image doesn’t collapse to mono over distance as readily. All the best, David

    • Thanks David. Built in M/S support is a good idea. In fact, earlier alpha versions had some mid-side support built in but I took it out to conserve CPU. I’ll have to consider adding it back in if I get in there for more updates.

      • Hi Tonecarver !

        Please get back into code mode !

        Still waiting for:

        A new interface style à la Regen + keep the original UD interface layout and knob values and I will gladly pay for it !

  8. Hi! Fantastic delay! I’ve been using it for a while on my guitar tracks and really like its Modulation and routing possibilities. I just have a couple of questions, I hope you can help me with. In the Input area there are two options and the manual says “can receive input from the main ins” (L, R, etc.) and “can receive input from the ouput of one other delay line”. And if you choose one of them I don’t see the other one is desactivated. So, just for making sure I’ve understood well: Any tap can be proveded for both at the same time? It’s just I’d never seen a delay with this feature 🙂

    The other one is about the % Offset parameter. Maybe because my little knowledge on delays anatomy, or because english is not my mother tongue, but I still don’t get the explanation on the manual 😦

    If you could shed some light on I’d be very grateful. Thanks a lot!


    • The offset % sets the amount of delay to set for the FIRST delay time. If Offset is 100% then the first delay is the full delay time (100% of the delay length) and the following delays are the full delay time – this makes the first delaty and the following delays the same length. If Offset if 50%, for example, then the first delay is 50% of the delay time and following delays are the full delay length. It provides a way to make syncopated or dense delays using fewer delay lines. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Also, yes, each delay line can receive input from 2 sources at the same time. A delay line can receive input from another delay line, or a delay line can receive input from the L/R inputs, or both at the same time.

      • Thank you!

        I figured out both after asking you trying a few simple configurations 🙂 I thought that offset parameter was meant for making up possible latency issues. I was familiar with PSP 608 tap delay but it hadn’t got those features. Great job!

        Thanks again 🙂

  9. Hey – Just wanted to say this plugin is amazingly creative and I LOVE the multiple independent delays. Thank you SOOOO much for investing the effort and time into building and sharing this with the rest of us. FABULOUS.

  10. hi tonecarver,
    bigtone here, again. been a while. 🙂
    i realized that one can do _awesome_ realistic bbd-like ensemble chorusses with delay8 (in mono)!
    BUT – to do them realistically in stereo, too, the individual lfos lack a phase knob (0-360º), so that one can offset the phase of each lfo of the delay lines.

    further i realized, that the modulation speed of the individual lfos are max at 5hz – on most string ensembles the fast modulation is around 6hz. now, i know i can reach a higher speed with the global rate offset, but then i can’t realistically see if the speeds are correct. could you maybe enhance the max mod speed of the individual rates to say 10hz?

    then i realized, that, if the master feedback isn’t 0, there’s still feedback on the individual delay lines, when they’re set to 0. i’d love to see this in a way, that the individual delay feedbacks, if set to 0, that they are actually 0, and the global feedback parameter only acts as a knob to offset the individual feedback settings.

    and least, i realize that the filters max cutoff is 12khz. now, sometimes, especially when using delay8 100% wet (like on some bbd chorusses mandatory), there’s quite some high frequency being cut off. would it be possible to have the max cutoff at nyquist, to ensure, that no frequency cutoff occours?

    just asking – of course you do as you want. i just had to ask. and i swear i’ll shut up forever, if these requests are fulfilled. 🙂

    just ignore me, if you don’t want to do that – for sure the last thing i would want to do is moaning. 🙂
    delay8 still is my most used delay plugin since back in the time we chatted.

    kind regards,
    brok landers/bigtone sounddesign

  11. Hi LOVE the Delay-8 and have passed it on to some other folks as well. I think you have a minor boo boo for your documentation text example that says: “As an example, the following configuration uses all 8 delay lines with the following signal flow” And the text for the Right input flow doesn’t match the picture next to it. The ‘R’ text currently reads as: R –> C –> D –> F –> H, but to match the picture it should read: R –> B –> D –> F –> H instead. (just edit it to change R –> B instead of the current R –> C). I thought you would want to know 🙂

  12. Hi Bill, I have been trying to download Delay 8 again as I lost my previous version in an operating system reinstall. The web link seems to be broken currently. If you could send me a copy I would really appreciate it. Thanks, David

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