Delay8 – update to v1.4

Delay8 has been updated to v1.4.

– new input types: L+R average, Mid, Side

– more usable controls for selecting main and tap inputs for delay lines


4 thoughts on “Delay8 – update to v1.4

  1. I am just getting acquainted with Delay 8 and am very appreciative of your work on this plugin Bill !
    I have the Yamaha UD Stomp Allan Holdsworth chorus and delay settings and will try and program them in Delay 8. Is there a way to post and share the presets once I have them done?

    I have built a mid/side speaker array for the effects channel of a wet/dry guitar setup. I’m using Tracktion 6 to host Delay 8 and running it into a Tracktion Mid/Side plugin to do the encoding. I got this idea from Aspen Pittman’s Groove Tube M/S speaker cabs. Fender bought the company and sold a similar product as the Acoustasonics SFX II. The basis for the design was that stereo guitar cabinets, while nice for the player, don’t work after a certain distance because the stereo image collapses to mono. Mid/Side doesn’t do this apparently. I’m just at the experimental stage but it seems to be working well so far.

  2. This is an amazing plugin. I achieved a great sound on my guitar procesing in the mix. Congrats and thank you!. I just have a question, maybe because I misunderstood some points in the manual (english is not my mother tongue :-): If the plugin allows, for instance, Tap 2 can be fed for Tap 1, why also exists the possibility of allowing the entry of the dry signal (L+R, Mid, etc.) for Tap 2? In these case does the tap have two sources? Does it delay from two diferent signals at the same time? Thank you so much!

    • Yes, each delay line can receive input from 2 sources at the same time. A delay line can receive input from another delay line, and a delay line can receive input from the L/R inputs at the same time.

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